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1. License key.

ChattyInfty Ver.2 series and ChattyInfty Ver.3 series are usable free of charge for 15 days after the installation. (If you use three days per week, for example, then you may use it for 5 weeks on trial.) For further use, user should purchase a license key.

2. Price.

Normal License: US $200. (By one normal licese, you can use ChattyInfty on one computer.)

One year license: US $40. (By one licese, you can use ChattyInfty on one computer.)
1. One year license is valid for one year after the activation. Please note that after twelve months the program will output waring, and after thirteen month it will not run any more. Users are reccomended to purchase another license before the expiration of the validity of license for the continuation of usage.
3. The users of One Year License version can upgrade it to Normal version paying only the difference of the price of the normal license and the total sum of the price of one year licenses purchased before.

3. Procedures to get Serial number and License key.

  Go to the application

Please go first to the registration page
     Normal License ->please click HERE (US $200)
     One Year License ->please click HERE (US $40)

  step 2 of process After the registration, you can proceed to the payment procedure using PayPal system. You may pay by Bank Transfer if you prefer it.
  step 3 of process After the confirmation of your payment, you will then receive a serial number by e-mail from sAccessNet.
  step 4 of proccess Please connect your PC with Internet and proceed to the registration process indicated in the e-mail from sAccessnet to get your license key(s) for your own PC using your serial number.

We will send your serial number by e-mail within two days after we confirmed your payment.
If your payment could not confirmed within a month after you registered, the application will be canceled.

Please use PayPal as means of payment.
Our PayPal account is:
Please be sure, the remittance cost must be charged to the purchaser

If you have any questions about the purchase of the license key, please send an e-mail to the following address.

Not-for-profit organization Science Accessibility Net (sAccessnet)
E-mail address: office"at" (Please replace "at" by @.)

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