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Nonprofit organization--Science Accessibility Net
A support network of the accessibility of scientific information for visually impaired people
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1. Activity

Science Accessibility Net (sAccessNet) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to, "support students with print disabilities" wishing/needing to learn and excel in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) disciplines. A person with a print disability cannot effectively read and acquire knowledge from print materials because of a visual, physical, perceptual, developmental, cognitive, or learning disability. Using our software applications (described below) sAccessNet produces K-12 STEM-based e-textbooks in accessible formats. These formats include Braille, ePub3, and multimedia DAISY which is an international standard format for accessible e-books. In addition, we conduct "jump-to-science" summer camps every two years to encourage visually impaired highschool students leaning science, and are making school textbooks / science books in accessible formats in braille and multimedia DAISY: (Japanese site).

2. Software development and release

sAccessNet, in cooperation with the "InftyProject" research group, has been researching1 and developing advanced applications, designed to enable students with print disabilities to accessing STEM content and successfully acquire knowledge from it. These advanced applications are also being used by sighted professionals who support students with print disabilities. Our applications are described below:

1. InftyReader (Latest release: Ver. on Jan. 5, 2022)

"InftyReader" is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) application that automatically recognizes and translates print, e-born PDF, and Image-based STEM documents (including math symbols) into LaTeX, MathML and XHTML. InftyReader. InftyReader can recognize tables containing math expressions within its cells.  Its recognition results can be output in various accessible formats such as, LaTeX, MathML, IML (Infty-original XML), Human readable TeX in support of students with print disabilities including students who are totally blind. (Japanese version outputs also in Japanese Braille). The output results in IML can be edited using InftyEditor and ChattyInfty below.

For more information about InftyReader and download, please click HERE.

Announcement: InftyReaderLite (Beta version 16, June 21, 2020) -- The release is suspended.

  • Lite version of Infty Reader. new
  • Beta version is FREE.
  • It accepts only e-born PDF as input file. (E-born PDF is the PDF produced by authoring tools such as LaTeX system, MS Word, Adobe InDesign, etc. The PDF produced form image files are called Image PDF. The LITE version of InftyReader do not accept Imaeg PDF.)
  • The output formats of the recognition results are the same as the standard version of InftyReader. or more information and download, please click HERE.
  • Remark: InftyReaderLite is a subset of InftyReader and all the functions of InftyreaderLITE are included in the standard InftyReader.

2. ChattyInfty (Latest release: Ver.3.26c on Dec. 18, 2021)

"ChattyInfty" is an accessible STEM-document editor with speech output. Through the use of ChattyInfty, students who are blind can both "read" and "author" math expressions in an easy and intuitive manner. In addition, our ChattyInfty V3 series enables users to save math documents as an audio-embedded accessible e-book such as Multimedia DAISY, accessible EPUB3 or iBook for the iPad.

For more information about ChattyInfty and download, please click HERE.

3. InftyEditor (Free software. Latest release: Ver.3.30b on Dec. 18,2021)

InftyEditor is an authoring tool of STEM documents for sighted people. Using it, they easily create complicated math expressions easily and intuitively. InftyEditor uses the same output format as ChattyInfty.

Using ChattyInfty and InftyEditor, students with print disabilities can share STEM content with each other as well as with their sighted classmates/teachers without needing any translation.

In ChattyInfty and InftyEditor, you can input any math expressions keeping your hand on the HOME Position of your keyboard. The input math expressions are displayed immediately in the form of printing style as you usually see in books. InftyEditor has a strong Online Help of command names or syntax to input math expressions based on LaTeX. Thus, InftyEditor can be used also as a Learning Tool of LaTeX, for the beginners of LaTeX. The documents written in InftyEditor can be saved in different formats: XML of InftyEditor, LaTeX, MathML, Human Readable TeX for the blinds, PDF, as well as MS Word document. If InftyReader is installed in your PC, you can input texts and math expressions from printed document via scanner into InftyEditor directly.
For more information about InftyEditor and download, please visit the web site of InftyProject.

4. ChattyBooks (Free software. Latest release: Ver.2.05 beta3 on April 10,2020)

ChattyBooks is a new type of EPUB3 / Multimadia daisy Player usable on Windows 10. It converts Multimedia Daisy 2.02 or EPUB3 books into audio-embedded HTML5 with JavaScript, called "ChattyBook". It accepts also text files written with Markdown notations (“.md” files).
ChattyBook can be played with various browsers, such as Google chrome, FireFox, Safari, Microsoft Edgge and Internet Explorer. It works completely the same way as usual Multimedia DAISY.
For more detals, please visit the page ChattyBooks.

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